The west of the island

Sete Cidades

The twin lakes of “Sete Cidades” (Seven Cities) invite you to go on a hiking tour or just admire their breathtaking beauty. At “Vista do Rei” (“The King’s View”) you can enjoy the most famous postcard view of the island, but you can get an even more spectacular view from the “Miradouro do Canário” where you can look down on four lakes.
Journey time: about 40 minutes.

Sete Cidades

Boca do Inferno

Sete Cidades

Santiago Lake

Sete Cidades Sete Cidades

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Ponta da Ferraria

The westernmost land point of São Miguel resembles a black crater landscape and owes its existence to the most recent eruption on the island about 300 years ago. Thermal baths and a natural swimming pool in the ocean fed by hot springs are a special treat after a long hiking tour. São Miguel’s second oldest lighthouse built in 1901 is only a short distance away.
Journey time: about 45 minutes.

Leuchtturm von Ponta Ferraria Ponta da Ferraria

Gruta do Carvão – The lava cave

This is a wonderful place to visit on a rainy day. Take the “via rapida” towards the west (airport) and then the exit signed “Arrifes/ Gruta do Carvao”.
The brown signs saying “Gruta do Carvao” take you to a small building, the entrance to the cave system that extends almost all the way south to Ponta Delgada harbour. Only a short section, about 1 km long, is open to visitors on guided tours. Literally “Gruta do Carvao” means “Coal cave” because during the early visits underground, without any proper lighting, the inside was as black as coal. The cave system formed when the fluid lava flow cooled.

Gruta do Carv�o Gruta do Carv�o Gruta do Carv�o
Gruta do Carv�o Gruta do Carv�o


When appropriately illuminated, it reveals its magic beauty to the visitor and especially to photographers.

We advise that you make a reservation.
Journey time: about 25-30 minutes.
Contact: Rua do Paim – 2ª Circular, 9500 Ponta Delgada,
Tel: +351-296-284-155