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Your breakfast bread…

Get your hot breakfast bread out of the stone oven from our local baker in Ponta Garça, Dona Isabel. She has been baking different types of bread in her wood-fired brick oven for over 50 years. And it tastes delicious.

The baker's wife Dona Isabel loads the oven

The baker’s wife Dona Isabel loads the oven

After about 45 minutes the breads are baked.

After about 45 minutes the breads are baked.

But it is not that easy to find Dona Isabel’s bakery because the number of the house #7 is missing and there is no sign at all saying “bakery”.
Follow the road “Rua Nossa Senhora da Vida” (general village street) eastwards. After exactly 1,7 km = 1,1 miles you will see a light green house on the left side of the street. (opposite number “10” on your right)
In front of you, on the right side of the street, you will see a small supermarket, “Casa Piedade” and a sign reading “Tintas Dyrup”. Leave your car on its car park and walk back to the entrance of the bakery, a white door with a bell (opposite house number 10).
Journey time: about 5 minutes
GPS-Data : 37°43′ North – 25°22′ West

Ponta Garça and its lighthouse

Ponta Garça is a small community of about 3,500 inhabitants belonging to Vila Franca do Campo. São Miguel was first settled in 1436. Ponta Garça counts among the oldest settlements dating back to as early as 1480.
The community became independent in the 16th century.
The heritage lighthouse “Farol de Ponta Garça”, protected as a historic monument, started operating in 1957.
Lighthouses on São Miguel are open to the public on Wednesdays. Rui, the keeper, loves to show guests around his lighthouse.
The original high-precision mechanical system and expensive Fresnel optical lenses were exchanged in 2005 because maintenance was too costly and time-consuming. The 14 metre high lighthouse was built on a plateau of rocks 100 metres (330 feet) above sea level. Its beam can be seen from as far as 16 nautical miles out at sea.
Each lighthouse has its own characteristic code which makes its light signal unmistakable. The signal of Ponta Garça lighthouse is 3 minutes continuous light then 2 minutes darkness.
Journey time/Distance: about 10 minutes.

Lighthouse of Ponta Garça Lighthouse of Ponta Garça Lighthouse of Ponta Garça

Distance: 5 km = 3 miles


Estate of the Viscount Botelho

The Estate of the Viscount Botelho dates back to the 15th century.
It is located directly to the west of LOBO DO MAR and together with the crater island of Vila Franca do Campo and a sunset, provides an unforgettable backdrop.

West view - Vila Franca Do Campo and its Islet. The Estate of the Viscount Botelho Sunset - Islet of Vila Franca do Campo

The property is also used as a venue for wedding ceremonies and state visits. Distance: about 1/2 mile

Vila Franca and the islet

Vila Franca do Campo, 5 minutes from LOBO DO MAR by car, is a quiet, picturesque, small town of about 5,000 inhabitants that one cannot deny, has a certain charm.
After the early settlement starting in the area of Povoaçao, Gonçalo Vaz Botelho founded the village of Vila Franca do Campo in the early 16th century. Soon it became the official residence of the feudal lords, the founder nobility and the landowners.
The customs authority was established here, which made Vila Franca do Campo the most important town on São Miguel, and became the capital.
During the night of 21st October 1522, the town was destroyed by a disastrous earthquake. More than 5,000 people lost their lives and Ponta Delgada took over the role of the capital from then on.

Vila Franca do Campo Vila Franca do Campo

Vila Franca did not recover from the consequences of that earthquake until the 18th century. The economy picked up with the orange trade and in the 19th century the pineapple became the focus of the local economy.
With its town hall, several churches, museums, a pilgrimage church, several small parks, a marina and several sandy beaches, Vila Franca do Campo is popular with tourists all year round.

Vila Franca do Campo - Islet Vila Franca do Campo - Islet Vila Franca do Campo and its islet

The “Ilhéu” (islet) lies about half a kilometer off shore with its rugged cliffs and bizarre rock formations towering up to 60 metres (200 feet) above the surface of the water. The island is an ancient volcanic vent whose crater walls are open to the north. The crater lake inside, with its almost perfect circular shape is used as a natural swimming pool during the summer months.
The island is a natural reserve, so some areas are off-limits. Two kinds of sea birds nest on the inaccessible cliffs: the Cory’s shearwater and the common tern, nicknamed the ‘sea-swallow’.
You can reach the islet by shuttle boat that leaves every 30 minutes from the marina of Vila Franca do Campo during the summer months.

Recently, the islet has gained some media attention through the “Red Bull Cliff Diving” event. It is best to watch and photograph the spectacle from a boat. Athletes from all over the world hurl themselves off the 30 metre (100 feet) overhanging cliffs into the water. From the balcony of LOBO DO MAR you have a beautiful view of that remarkable natural sight.
Distance: about 5 km

Islet of Vila Franca do Campo during the Red Bull Cliff Diving Event Closeup of the islet of Vila Franca do Campo Islet of Vila Franca do Campo during the Red Bull Cliff Diving Event

Caloura – fishing harbour and Bar

In his small restaurant, in the picturesque fishing harbor of Caloura, the owner Abel, treats his guests to a culinary speciality of the Azores – fresh fish from the grill. Every dish is an absolute delicacy.

Caloura Caloura
Bar Caloura Caloura

Distance: 12 km = 7,5 miles

Our landmark mountain – The Monte do Fogo

From the west balcony of LOBO DO MAR, you can clearly see our local mountain, Monte do Fogo (Fire Mountain).
With its crater lake it is a paradise for birds and hikers. The lake was formed in 1563 due to the eruption of “Pico da Sapateira” which no longer exists. At an altitude of 900 metres (3000 feet), sudden weather changes are common and you might find yourself in the clouds from one second to the next.

Lagoa do Fogo Lagoa do Fogo

You reach this idyllic place by taking the “via rapida” towards Lagoa, exit “Remedios/Lagoa do Fogo”.
Journey time: about 20 minutes.

Furnas – The Devil’s kitchen

Shortly before entering the well-known thermal spa of Furnas, you will see Lake Furnas on your left with its “devil’s kitchen”.
There is a lot of bubbling and steaming from the “fumaroles”, the burrows and crevices. The air carries an obnoxious smell of sulphur too. All these are visible manifestations of volcanic activity. The locals use the steaming holes in the ground to prepare the Azorean stew called “cozido”.

Furnas Furnas
Furnas Furnas

Distance: 15 km = 9,5 miles

Furnas and the Terra Nostra park

The Terra Nostra Garden Hotel and its park are located in Furnas. The collection of plants from around the world displayed in the gardens is unique.
During the last two centuries the owners have endeavored to preserve the diversity of plants and expand the collections. With more than 600 varieties, the park boasts one of the most comprehensive collections of camellias worldwide. Some varieties can only be found here and were grown by the head gardener. The avenue is lined on both sides by its centennial ginkgo trees and is a feast for the eyes.

Furnas - Terra Nostra Park Furnas - Terra Nostra Park Furnas - Terra Nostra Park

The main attraction for the visitor however is the thermal pool. Two thermal springs, each about 40°C (104°F), feed the pool with warm water. Its yellow-brownish colour comes from the high concentration of iron oxide. The thermal water is also rich in calcium, magnesium and other minerals and trace elements essential for the human skin. A bath in the pool is rejuvenating and has a relaxing influence on body, mind and soul.
Journey time: about 20 minutes.

A perfect place for…

  • A relaxing break in an idyllic, peaceful surrounding
  • Garden lovers and nature enthusiasts
  • Guests seeking privacy and seclusion as well as ample space
    with luxury accommodation
  • Honeymooners and very special occasions that can be celebrated here.

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