The east and north of the island

The lighthouse at Nordeste

Shortly before entering the city of Nordeste, at “Ponta do Arnel”, a road of hairpin bends winds down to the oldest lighthouse on São Miguel at a steep 35% gradient. The lighthouse was put into service in 1876. More courageous drivers venture even further down, passing the colorful fishermen’s cottages, built into the rocks before they reach the tiny fishing harbour.
Journey time/Distance: about 30 minutes

Leuchtturm Nordeste

Lighthouse at Nordeste

Leuchtturm Nordeste

Lighthouse at Nordeste

Journey time : about 30 minutes

Caldeira Velha

This, one of the ancient natural swimming baths is located near the geographical centre of the island. A warm waterfall spoils the bathers amidst the subtropical vegetation making a pleasantly warm, relaxing bath.
Journey time/Distance: about 25-30 minutes

Caldeira Velha   Caldeira Velha

Journey time : about 25-30 minutes


On the way to the north coast, there is a small treasure to be discovered. If you are not afraid to cross a narrow river, you can get sparkling spring
water fresh from the rocks instead of buying plastic bottles of drinking water from the shop. The “filling station” is inside a small, dilapidated hut that
used to be part of the commercial bottling plant before it disappeared under
a landslide. It is one of the natural sources of “Lombadas”.
Distance: about 18 km

Lombadas Lombadas

Distance: about 18 km = 11 miles

Ribeira dos Caldeirões

Close to Salga you can visit these waterfalls and an old watermill surrounded by lush greenery. It is beautiful in any kind of weather.
Journey time: about 25 minutes.

Ribeira dos Caldeir�es Ribeira dos Caldeir�es

The tea factories

Tea has been cultivated commercially for about 150 years on the north coast of the island of São Miguel. Two factories, “Chá Gorreana” and “Chá Porto Formoso” invite visitors to come in and learn about the cultivation, harvest and traditional processing of tea in their factories.

Ch�k Ch� Ch�

Looking at the old machines that were manufactured in England is almost like travelling back in time. Strolling through the vast tea plantations and enjoying a cup of freshly brewed tea is a pleasure for your senses.

Chák Chá Chá
Chák Chá Chá

Distance: about 20 km or 30 minutes

Santa Barbara beach

Close to the town of Ribeira Grande, there are several beaches ideal for watersport enthusiasts to go surfing.
The long sandy beach of Santa Barbara is also a popular spot for paragliding. “Tuká Tulá”, a small beach bar offers food and drinks.
And in case you are looking for an ideal spot to have a “sundowner”, the barkeeper Leandro will serve you the best gin and tonic on the island.
Journey time: about 20-25 minutes

Surfen in Santa B�rbara Strand von Santa B�rbara
Surfen in Santa B�rbara Gleiten in Santa B�rbara

Arquipelago – the centre for contemporary arts

“Arquipélago” located in Ribeira Grande on Rua Adolfo Countinho de Medeiros is only a 20 minutes drive from Ponta Delgada. Here, a former alcohol factory has been converted into a centre for contemporary arts by the Portuguese architects Menos é Mais Arcquitectos Associados and Joao Mendes Ribeiro. Instead of pulling down the old, partly dilapidated buildings covered with graffiti, the architects integrated them into their overall concept. The old volcanic stone walls were preserved and extensively renovated. The architects added two concrete buildings, one of one storey
and the other on two floors. With more than 9,000 m² (100,000 ft²), the Arquipélago now has exhibition spaces and a multipurpose auditorium hall, a library, workshops and studios, as well as offices, a cafeteria and a small shop.

Chák Arquip�lago Arquip�lago

The western two-story building has a basement and accommodates the auditorium and workshops. The entrance and foyer, as well as the offices and equipment rooms are located in the eastern building opposite. The largest old building houses the exhibition halls, up to 4.50 meters (15 feet) high, in the smaller industrial buildings, with their distinctive gabled roofs, there are a total of 24 workshops.
Journey time/Distance: about 30 minutes

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Journey time: about 30 minutes

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